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What People Say About Us

  • I was referred to Avantika and Tom at HausAngeles by a friend of a friend. I was short selling my condo in the Village Green. It had been on the market for a year prior and nothing was happening. The previous real estate agents were pretty much useless. I basically knew more about the short sale process than the previous agents did, and I didn’t know very much. Enter Avantika and Tom. My heroes. They met with me personally. They listened patiently, and they went above and beyond the call of duty as far as negotiating the short sale with the banks. They took what was a very frustrating experience for me as a seller, and put me immediately at ease. If I had a question it was answered. If you know nothing about a “Short Sale” – it basically means a lot of waiting for banks to approve everything. And banks like to drag their feet. AV and Tom followed up with the bank negotiators every single day. Now, I’m sure they made very little commission on this sale compared to what they are used to, but considering the time they dedicated to me and my home, I felt like I was their Number One client I trust them so very much, and when I buy my next home I will definitely be using them as my agents.
    - G Bryan
  • Smart, creative, incredibly well versed in Los Angeles real estate, and a reasonable but tough negotiator when it matters the most. Avantika is a hidden gem, a real estate broker that you will be incredibly happy and proud to have. She sold my house for me and also helped me find a new one. All in less than a year.
    - K Martin
  • The service was of course excellent during the buying process but also phenomenal after the purchase was over. Very prompt in addressing any issues!
    - J Sihota
  • I would consider Avantika to an over-achiever in the world of buying and selling property. She quickly gets a feel for your needs and does a lot behind the scenes to ensure your time is efficiently spent and your purchase is the best possible match to your ideals. She is responsive, personable and quickly becomes part of the family. Lastly, her administration of the whole process (documentation, negotiation, scenario analysis) is cutting edge, using new technology and best practices.
    - K Cooper
  • Because of her reputation and knowledge of the local market, Avantika was the first person I contacted when beginning my home search last year. She gave great advice about the current Los Angeles market, timing of my purchase, and neighborhood considerations. I was consistently impressed with the team at HausAngeles and with the buyer's agent AV set me up with--he was responsive, listened to my preferences and worked to find the right house for me, and coached me through the complexities of a short-sale offer on my dream home. AV gave me useful referrals to other professionals as well. I trust her advice completely, and as a first-time homebuyer, I could not have had a better process with my purchase. I love my house, but in the event I ever decide to sell, AV will again be the first person I call.
    - M Rasch
  • I have worked with several agents before and interviewed to find someone for my sale and purchase, so I feel as if I have some knowledge in figuring out this field and the players. I was immediately very impressed with Ms. Shahi. She is extremely knowledgeable, yet not pushy. She is very patient and easygoing, yet gets things done and lets you know about deadlines and guides you through. More than anything, she is trustworthy and has ethics, which is something that is not easily found in the real estate business. I would recommend Ms. Shahi and HausAngeles without reservation.
    - D Stranc
  • I worked with Tom Galbraith and Avantika Shahi (AV) from Haus Angeles. What I valued most was Tom's honesty (when a property didn't match it's ad for example), his expertise in guiding me to see value where it mattered, and most of all his patience as I visited over 50 properties in various parts of the city! He has a great sense of humor, and that made the visits to all those homes enjoyable. Tom is backed by a full service firm, Haus Angeles, run by AV, that made the whole process flow smoothly once I fell in love with a home. AV is very calming and capable when it comes to handling/overseeing the sale. From the ease of having online signatures on the zillion forms required to buy a home, to having a team backing us up through the myriad ups and downs of the actual process, I appreciated having more than one person I could call on when time was of essence, or when I was having my last minute jitters about taking the final plunge. I thought everyone concerned did a fabulous job negotiating on my behalf. I am very grateful to finally have possession of my unique new home and am looking forward to "moving day."
    - ~ S Malhotra

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