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Gregory Ain

Gregory Ain (1908 – 1988) was an American architect active in the mid-20th century. Working primarily in the Los Angeles area, Ain is best known for bringing elements of modern architecture to lower- and medium-cost housing.

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Ain was inspired to become an architect after visiting the Schindler House as a teenager. He attended the University of Southern California School of Architecture in 1927–28, but dropped out after feeling limited by the school’s Beaux Arts training.

His primary influences were Rudolph Schindler and Richard Neutra. He worked for Neutra from 1930 to 1935, along with fellow apprentice Harwell Hamilton Harris, and contributed to Neutra’s major projects of that period.

Beginning in 1935, Ain cultivated a practice designing modest houses for working-class clients. In these projects he wanted to address “the common architectural problems of common people,” which prompted flexible floor plans and open kitchens.

After WWII, in Ain’s most productive period, he formed a partnership with Joseph Johnson and Alfred Day in order to design large housing tracts. His major projects of this period included Park Planned Homes, Avenel Homes, Mar Vista Housing, and Community Homes. He collaborated with landscape architect Garrett Eckbo on each of these projects. They were an expression of Mid-century modern design. (Text courtesy of Wikipedia.)

Buildings in or near Los Angeles

Edwards House, 1936, Los Angeles
Ernst House, 1937, Los Angeles
Byler House, 1937, Mt. Washington (Los Angeles)
Dunsmuir Flats, 1937-39, Los Angeles
Beckman House, 1938, Los Angeles
Daniel House, 1939, Silver Lake (Los Angeles)
Hay House, 1939, North Hollywood, CA
Tierman House, 1939, Silver Lake (Los Angeles)
Ain House, 1941, Hollywood
Orans House, 1941, Silver Lake (Los Angeles)
Park Planned Homes, 1946, Altadena
Mar Vista Housing, 1947-48, Mar Vista (Los Angeles)
Avenel Homes (cooperative), 1948, Silver Lake, Los Angeles
Miller House, 1948, Beverly Hills
Schairer House, 1949, Los Angeles
Beckman House II, 1950, Sherman Oaks
Margolis House, 1951, Los Angeles
Mesner House, 1951, Sherman Oaks
Ernst House II, 1962-63, Vista
Kaye House, 1963, Tarzana, CA