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HausAngeles is proud to announce a strategic partnership with R204DESIGN, an architecture and planning firm, with local offices in Los Angeles, to help bring your dream to life.

Love a neighborhood but can’t quite seem to find a house that hits your checklist on all fronts? Maybe it’s missing some ‘must-have’ features like a master bedroom suite, a deck, or updated baths and kitchen. Or prefer to buy a fixer and have it redone to your taste but dont have the time to supervise and manage. We have the solution for you!

HausAngeles works hand in hand with the design and architectural team at R204DESIGN to help you first identify and then transform a house into your ultimate dream home, whether a minor remodel or a major fixer-upper.

  • Our team at HausAngeles helps you identify potential properties as a value-add, R204DESIGN discusses your remodel options and possibilities along with broad related costs. Throughout the process, clients are integrally involved with the projects development from concept to realization.
  • The process does not impose a particular style and begins with a thorough analysis of our clients’ lifestyles and needs.  We work with California licensed and LEED accredited professionals to provide user-focused expertise for all aspects of your project including environmentally friendly solutions.
  • Once you purchase the property, R204DESIGN performs an extensive analysis of existing structures and plans that help identify opportunities and cost prohibitive solutions.
  • The process also involves 3-dimensional studies and presentation options that help the client visualize the design proposals.
  • We understand the personal and financial value a home renovation can bring therefore we treat each project as if it were our own home.

If interested, please contact Avantika Shahi @ 310.869.1539 or av@hausangeles.com to set up a consultation. Click here for more information and case studies from R204DESIGN.


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